(rotating) self portrait

pedestal, monitor, DVD player, motor

This is a companion to the projected rotating self portrait. Here, a video of my head was taken as I stood atop the pedestal. The camera was on a tripod at a position where I looked upward at approximately the same angle as a viewer would view the monitor on top of the pedestal. In playback, I mirrored the video horizontally, so that left became right and vice versa. The video is then played back on top of the same pedestal with the same motor rotating at exactly the same speed. The result is that the two rotations cancel one another - it becomes as if I am inside the monitor in a fixed location and monitor is rotating around me, allowing a view of only one 2-D perspective at a time. Just as in the rotating projection piece, I held eye contact with the camera for as long as I was able on each rotation - this eye contact is again transferred to the viewer as s/he walks around the pedestal keeping pace with the rotation of the monitor.