Presents Guitar Duets, 2005

by Joan of Arc

From Record Label:
Ten people who have all played guitar in Joan of Arc at one time or another got together and drew names out of a hat. Each person had to make a guitar duet with the person whose name he picked. All ten players were in the same room together (an unconventional apporoach for recording Joan of Arc, where often the drummer may never even meet the guitar player) taking turns pairing off to play; some improvised, other arranged. Some people used pedals to modulate or loop the sound of their guitars. Others simply played acoustic. Presents Guitar Duets is the first release in a few years to feature original Joan of Arc "blip blip guy" Jeremy Boyle. Ben Vida & Nate Kinsella re-strung their guitars so that the strings crossed over each other, making a percussive sound. Tim Kinsella & Mike Kinsella do a duet together! Each participant's unique playing style is utterly apparent on each track. 

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