Soundtrack for Accidents at Home and How They Happen

by Jeremy Boyle

Written and Directed by Jennifer Reeder 90 minutes: HD Camera: Mike Olenick; Music: Jeremy Boyle; Produced by: The Wexner Center for the Arts; 2008; 98 Minutes

Review from Chicago Reader by J.R. Jones:
Jennifer Reeder (White Trash Girl) directed this quiet but commanding story of a frosty publishing executive who moves into her sister's apartment after she commits suicide. The sister worked in a laboratory making artificial limbs, but the publisher is the one who seems emotionally amputated, having been kidnapped and held captive for four years as a teenager. An ethereal electronic score figures prominently without ever becoming obtrusive, and the heroine's muted emotions are nicely rendered by Reeder?s semi-abstract compositions. 89 min.